Thursday, July 26, 2007

A gets his own room

Or maybe I should say M gets his own room back. As it was M who was really pushing for them not to share a bedroom anymore. A is quite happy in his own room though too. This was initially A's room when we moved here, when he was 7 months old - and stayed his room until he got out of the crib at 3 and some months (he liked the crib - both kids did - they would climb back into the crib to sleep). Once A was out of the crib and was going to need a bed, not just a mattress on the floor, we decided to get M bunk beds. A was entranced with bunk beds and wanted to sleep in the bottom and M thought it was a fine idea at the time too.

So, we set up bunk beds in M's room and moved A in. That we had one KID bedroom and A's old room became a playroom. This worked out wonderfully for me, as we moved most of the toys into the playroom. I didn't have to walk across the playroom to get to anything and this cut WAY down on the number of Legos I stepped on! It became *less* hazardous to walk across the kids bedroom to tuck them in, though I still sometimes step on books or clothes.

About a year ago M started wanting his own room back, but A didn't want to move. And both kids were still playing (and making messes) reasonably often in the playroom. We talked about splitting them up, but no one was willing to take the time and effort to clean up enough to make the move. I told M several times that if he wanted his own room, he had to help the process.

Well, with M starting middle school (next week!), the time for the change was here. M's schedule will be different from A's now. M's bus will come over an hour later in the morning (and thus M can sleep in some). So it makes a lot of sense to have them in different rooms.

A has recently gotten really into Harry Potter. He wants the HP sheets on his bed. He found a "book" of HP posters that he wanted to put on the wall (memo to self - buy more sticky stuff for posters). M had a set of HP wall decals, that he graciously let A have for his room. A and I spent some time this afternoon redecorating his room. It still has a ways to go - too many boxes of stuff - some he still plays with and some he doesn't - all around the room. I think part of the problem is the room now has all of A's stuff plus many of M's toys too. And some stuff that they don't play with until they "discover" it while we're sorting to give things away. It is an ongoing process. I'll have to take some pictures tomorrow of our "decorating".

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