Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I finished it!

Finally at 10 pm, I finished the last HP. I know that seems like a long time since it came out on Saturday midnight, but a lot has happened since then.

We got the book around dinnertime on Sat and M proceeded to monopolize it until Sunday afternoon.

Then D took the book the rest of Sunday.

Monday I had to do grocery shopping and back-to-school shopping (with kids in tow, which always takes longer), plus try to catch up on camping laundry and A's laundry from camp - both make more laundry than usual. I got a few hours to read HP on Monday afternoon, then D came home and finished the book. I read a bit more Monday night - up later than I should have been.

Today I took the kids to Six Flags. We had a great time. I'll post about it later - but didn't get home til 6:45. Between being tired from traipsing around all day and dinner and getting kids ready for bed.... it was very frustrating, being close to the end and being so caught up in the story to have to keep having interruptions:

M: I don't have any more toothpaste - have to go find him some.
read another chapter
hmm, M is finished brushing his teeth, where is A? Find him on the bathroom floor, reading HP5 and not brushing his teeth.
Remind him to brush
read a few pages.
M: I want a kitty.
me: I think there's one on the deck. If you can find a cat, you can try to take it to bed. He manages.
read another few pages
Go kiss M goodnight.
read a few pages
Check on A again. He needs a bookmark.
read a few pages
A is in bed - go kiss him goodnight

Finally - get to read uninterrupted. Kids went to sleep quickly and quietly - Six Flags must have really tired them out!

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