Saturday, October 06, 2007

Plan B for dinner

For the last two nights, we've planned something for dinner, only to discover, when cooking time rolled around, that one or more ingredients couldn't be found. Why, you might wonder.... Well, because the contents of my pantry are STILL contained in bins and totes in the dining room (hopefully safely moth free). Or else they are secreted randomly in the freezer - either the fridge freezer or the big freezer in the garage. So, I have a major hunt for ingredients every night.

Last night was supposed to be tacos, with the sale ground beef that needed to be cooked that day. Only problem - I couldn't find the taco seasoning or the bulgur (we mix bulgur half-and-half with the beef - tastes great and a bit better for us). So, plan B was hamburgers. They were yummy and had even been considered earlier and rejected since it was supposed to rain. But, since it wasn't raining at 6, D was willing to grill.

Then today, D suggested chicken stir-fry. Sounds good, we've had a good bit of beef lately, so I took out the frozen chicken breasts to thaw. However, I neglected to find the rice mid-afternoon. I thought it was on the counter with the flour, but evidently I tucked it away somewhere from the bugs. I peered in every bin and I poked around in both freezers, but I didn't manage to come up with the brown rice. I know I threw out the white rice as it had gotten infested, but I was sure the brown rice was still around. Oh, and I found the taco seasoning I was looking for yesterday, but still not the bulgur. I guess the grains are all hanging out somewhere together having a party without me.

Anyway, tonight ended up being chicken fajitas, since the chicken was thawing and we did have the tortillas and the rest of the ingredients.

M says he likes plan B better, having enjoyed burgers more than tacos and fajitas more than stir fry. Though he probably would have liked tacos about as well as fajitas, assuming I had remembered to take out some ground beef before I "sullied" it with taco seasoning. His tacos and burritos tend to be meat and cheese only. Usually with some raw green pepper on the side. Only tonight I didn't have enough extra green pepper, so M had raw carrots as his other veggie (we also had pea pods).

Unfortunately I'm still finding the odd moth around, so I'm not ready to unbox the pantry yet. I need to go ahead and paint in the pantry. Maybe all the paint fumes will do in any remaining moths.... I can hope!

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