Thursday, October 04, 2007

Good eating while camping

It was quite interesting getting ready for this camping trip. D and I discussed it as we pulled out the kitchen boxes - we think it was 3 years ago that we took all the kitchen gear on a camping trip. Wow. I can't believe it's been that long.

We've been camping plenty of times since then - just usually with the Scouts where they handle all the cooking needs. When we went camping this summer, we took a cooler and the marshmallow sticks (cooked the hotdogs on them for dinner one night too), but not the cooking boxes (we didn't have room for them in D's car). We've camping generally twice a year with the Scouts for going on 6 years now. And some years more often - though usually if they camp in the dead of winter I stay home to keep an eye on things. Yeah, right. I just don't like camping in freezing weather.

Anyhow, we decided to look for recipes for our dutch oven. We found a great one for lasagna. Only one problem - it feeds an army. This is after dishing out servings to each of us:

We did all go back and have seconds (the only other thing for dinner was bread, heated near the fire), but there was still a LOT of lasagna left! Enough that we all had it for dinner back here at home last night. And one serving that M had for lunch today.

We debated whether we could reheat the lasagna there at camp. We didn't end up trying to, but I think I will look into the idea. We all enjoyed the lasagna, but... there really was too much of it. I would definitely make it again if we had more people.

We made one other meal in the dutch oven - German pancake. Yum. D mixed up the batter here at home, so all he had to do in the morning was start the charcoal and cook the pancake. The recipe calls for dusting it with powdered sugar, but we hadn't brought any, so oops. I had thrown in some honey sticks at the last minute, so we each had a tube of honey on our pancake. Quite tasty.

Other meals weren't quite so fancy. We cooked sausages over the fire one night. Followed, of course, by s'mores. Sandwiches for lunch each day. And a mish-mash of fruit, sweet breads, yogurt, oatmeal, cocoa, coffee and tea for breakfast.

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