Friday, October 05, 2007

Today's entertainment

We had lovely backyard entertainment today. Oh, and a little bit in the front yard too. But mostly in the back - with front row seating on the deck. Of what? Why, the tree guy came today. We got to watch guys climbing trees - one of the guys was trying it for the first time - he never made it any higher than in this picture:

He was about 10 feet off the ground.

We got to watch trees being topped. TIMBER!!!

And then thud, thud, thud - as the chunks of tree trunk came down.

It was really cool to watch the guy rapel down the tree once he'd gotten it to a managable height where they could just drop it. No pictures of that, but the kids enjoyed watching.

And we now have a BIG pile of mulch in our depression. Once raked out, it might even fill up the depression temporarily.

And, why, you might wonder, are we cutting down all these trees? Because they are dead and/or dying. Here's one, where you can see the mess the grubs and beetles have made under the bark.

I even got to see one of the grubs from the "munching tree". You could actually hear the bugs eating on the tree early in the morning.



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