Sunday, November 04, 2007

It's that time of year again...

The heat is on, the flannel sheets have gone on all the beds, and the cat is spending a LOT more time in my lap. This is all very nice, but it makes blogging in the evenings very difficult. I don't like disturbing Shadow, especially when we are both warm and comfy in the recliner. I guess maybe I need to remember to post earlier in the day.

We had tried to hold out on the heat until November, but one day last week it was just too cold. Upper 30's that night and the house was 59 when I got up in the morning. Brrrr. So the heat went on. And the flannel sheets on the kids beds. Then it warmed back up again until today. But this morning, thanks to the programmable thermostat, the heat was ON already when I got up. very nice. I love my programmable thermostat - I just wish it had 4 settings for the weekend, just like it does for weekdays.



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