Wednesday, May 07, 2008

They're Baaaacccckkkk

cue the scary music.... the pantry moths are back. Picture me running screaming.... I hate those %$#*&% bugs!!!

I thought I was done with them back in the fall - after all the cleaning and purging and painting and living out of plastic bins. But now they seem to be back. SOB. The worst thing is that I haven't got a clue where they are living - or what they are eating. I've checked most of our food - no signs of them. I've put said food into the plastic bins - no signs in the bins. I threw out the last vestiges of candy in the closet - no signs, but out it went anyway (old Halloween and Christmas candy).

I talked to a very friendly extension service agent a few days ago and she said they could also be in wool things. So I currently have a moth trap in our closet. I just checked and it has one moth. Hmm. Maybe they are in there, but 1 moth isn't anything like the pantry infestation. Still, I should probably get the wool stuff drycleaned (or decide I don't wear it and can get rid of it) and then store it in some sort of moth-proof container. But not with moth balls! GAH. I can't stand the smell and it seems to permeate clothing. I just can't wear something that has been stored with mothballs.

The other thought I just had was what if the moths have gotten into my rug? The last time I had it cleaned they said it had some moth damage and they moth-proofed it. I guess I need to find out how long that lasts. I really don't want to have to take it in again - its a royal pain to take it into town and back (and not cheap either). Plus its not supposed to be good to clean it too often.

ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! I thought lice were bad, but I think pantry moths are worse!



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