Thursday, April 24, 2008

Quilted bags

I took a class last week to learn how to make a quilted bag. My machine was acting up at times, so it was rather frustrating, but I'm quite pleased with how the bag came out.

I'm still thinking of maybe trying to put a pocket in the inside, but that would probably have to be done by hand. We'll see...

In the meantime, though, the bag worked out well enough, that I decided to make another one. Smaller this time. The first one is HUGE - its meant to be able to carry a bed-size quilt. This second one I was going to make for my mom, in, guess what?? A Braves theme!

Here's one side:

The large Braves insignia is from a t-shirt the kids grew out of a while back.

The other side is just stripes of Braves and baseball fabric.

D thinks its rather busy. It is busy, but I still like it and I think my mom will too. This is a belated birthday present for her. I had promised to make her a "Braves something" - and this is what we agreed on.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, wow!! It looks really great! MM

8:39 PM  

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