Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Meet Results

Actually A took over 8.5 seconds off his best time for 25 yard freestyle.  He was quite happy with that.  He also got a best time for 25 yd butterfly - in this case because he had never swum it legally before.  Last night his fly wasn't fast or pretty, but evidently it was correct.  So, yay A!

Unfortunately, he was disqualified on his breaststroke - his favorite stroke.  The coach gave him some pointers this morning, so he's going to work on his stroke.  He's planning on swimming breaststroke again on Thursday night.

Later - we went to the pool after dinner and A did practice a bit. His breaststroke looks a lot better now. We gave him a few pointers on backstroke starts and they look great now. He even practiced diving just a bit - its coming along, but not there yet.



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