Monday, June 09, 2008

Pentathalon swim meet

Tonight was the first swim meet of the season.  It was also a rather different sort of meet, as there was no other team.  Instead, our kids all swam against each other and they each swam all the different events.  So, rather than picking your favorite/best/hate the least 3 events, the kids each swam 5 different events (plus 2 relays).  It made for a busy night and a lot of swimming.

A was not too happy that he had to swim butterfly and the IM (individual medley - one length each of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle).  But he struggled through it.  He did much better on the back and breast.  I didn't check times for him on most of his events, but I did on his freestyle.  He took almost 8 seconds off his best freestyle time!  (He's still not as fast as most of his age group in freestyle though.)  The swimming last fall really helped him with the freestyle stroke so he is staying horizontal while he swims and not letting his feet sink.  I think his freestyle will be even better when he isn't all tired from doing an IM.  We'll find out tomorrow how his various times compare to last years.  A is looking forward to getting some "best time" ribbons.  

I'm sorry M wasn't able to be at this meet because I would like to see how he's doing in all the different strokes, not just the ones he chooses to swim normally.  Actually it will be interesting to see which events he chooses to swim in this year.

M is currently off at Scout camp.  He called home tonight to say that he needs a toothbrush (I packed one for him, but then he used it and didn't put it back in the bag).  I'm glad he noticed the toothbrush was missing (I'm not sure he ever used it last year) and I *hope* that maybe he is brushing with his finger...  We'll be down there on Wed, so will take a toothbrush then.  He also wants a stool he wove the seat for a couple of years ago - either to prove he has done it or to unweave it and do it again - in either case working towards a basketry merit badge.

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