Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy Birthday Mimi!  She's actually my aunt, but the kids know her as Mimi and she's celebrating a big birthday today.  She had a big surprise party last weekend that my mom flew to Dallas for.  It was evidently a wonderful (and very surprising) party.

It's time for the annual wearing o' the green again - and time to hunt for whether the kids have any green that both fits and is appropriate for the weather.  A was fine this morning, but M had a bit of trouble.  M finally found a short sleeve shirt that was green, and was fine for this afternoon when it hit 70, but not so comfy for this morning's 40-something temps.

Speaking of hunting for clothes, its the time of year again where the kids sprout up with the plants.  I swear it seems like as the plants put on new growth, so do my kids.  Several times recently I'll look down and see ankle where I should be seeing pants.  Sigh.  It's not too hard with A - I just have to remember which pants to put away and pull out the pile of next size up pants.  But for M this year - OH MY!  He is on the verge of outgrowing boys size pants, but really not into men's sizes yet.  And sizes in boys are all over the place - while some 16's fit fine, others are way too small.  Even in the same brand sometimes - he has some 16 pants from Target that would be huge in the waist (thank goodness for their adjustable waists), but the 16 jeans (also Target, both pants and jeans are Cherokee brand) he says are too small.  ARRRGGGH!  I'm sure he'll be into men's size pants by next fall, but what size that will be I have NO CLUE.  In the meantime I hope he doesn't grow too fast in the next 2 months til we get to shorts weather (and I'll be making sure I keep his pants washed more frequently so he doesn't run out in the meantime).

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