Sunday, March 01, 2009


We'd been hearing that "S" word on the radio recently - you know, the word that gets the kids all excited. But we'd heard it several times already this year and nothing had come of it before. I refuse to get too concerned until it is definitely less than 24 hours and they are still predicting it.

This morning, though, they were still predicting snow/rain mid-afternoon. Hmmm, might actually happen. Big topic of conversation at breakfast at church - who had heard what and would it really amount to anything.

Well, when church was over, we came out of the sanctuary and could see outside through the big windows - big, fat, wet snow. It was hilarious to see the kids all go rushing outside - all ages, from 3 or so (as young as the parents would let them out there alone) all the up to older teens - dancing around, catching snowflakes on their tongues. I wish I'd had my camera with me then!

On the drive home, it fluctuated between wet snow and rain, looking like we were going to have driven out of the snow. But it had started snowing again just as we entered our subdivision. Here is a photo M took after we'd been home about 30 minutes - the snow is just starting to stick on the deck:

Here's M maybe an hour later - the snow is starting to stick on the ground, but not really on the driveway. You can see the big fat flakes.
M's snow sculpture - specifically built to be taller than M!
M and I had gone out mid-afternoon to check out the snow and found that the snow on the grass was good for packing. So we made D come out to join us. The 3 of us made a big tall snowman - who was fatally unstable. We were working on adding eyes, buttons, etc when he toppled. M and I tried to put him back together, but no luck. So, M built this snow sculpture.

Here is a tree in front of our house - note the large amount of snow accumulated on some of the branches - and how some of it already looks icy. I think its going to be very interesting tomorrow morning...

Edited: we received an automated call telling us that school is cancelled for tomorrow, so we can stop checking the websites and turn off D's mental alarm. Hooray!

It finally stopped snowing sometime after 8 pm tonight - I think that's the most time I've ever seen it snow before (at least down here). Usually if it snows, it does most of it overnight, not during the day.
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Blogger Jo said...

Even living in Utah, where it really snows every year, the first snow is always magical. I remember when it snowed in Cali, a BIG deal. Pretty pic of the tree.

10:27 AM  

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