Friday, May 29, 2009

A's Awards Day

A had his awards day yesterday. When he got dressed I saw that he had on a t-shirt and shorts. I told him, no, he needed to wear a shirt with a collar. Well, he decided on his own that he needed to wear his "suit", aka blazer and slacks. He was definitely the best dressed boy in the class!

As usual for the elementary school, A got a boatload of awards -
6 Flags reading program
Book It completion
meeting AR goals
having the highest reading comprehension percentage on AR tests
meeting CCC goals (individualized computer instruction)
highest gain in reading CCC
perfect attendance 4th quarter
Principal's List (all A's), 4th quarter and all year

Here are A and a class mate who did the best on AR points.  She had the highest points, A had the best percentage (and the 2nd highest number of points).  Interestingly, I was helping at the 5th grade awards today and both these 4th graders got more AR points than ANY of the 5th graders!

A's whole class.  They've all just gotten certificates for meeting their CCC goals.
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Wow, congratulations A!

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