Saturday, May 16, 2009

Crazy end of the school year time

Two weeks left in the school year and things are going crazy around here.  We've already had 2 special assemblies for honor society recognition.  A got inducted into Beta Club and M got inducted into National Jr Honor Society.  I have photos, but they aren't very good or exciting, so I'll skip them.  We have 2 more recognitions to go.  M is getting some award (they tell you to be there, but not what the award is) at his school-wide recognition ceremony, but not at the grade level ceremony.  And A has his class awards day/party coming up as well.  I have no idea how his teacher handles awards - some give every child at least one distinct award, some print out certificates for all sorts of stuff so every child ends up with at least 2 or 3 certificates.  We'll see.

Meanwhile A is trying to invent something - he forgot he was supposed to be working on an invention last week, so this weekend he has to come up with an idea and produce a prototype.  He was having a really rough time trying to come up with an idea, but finally he came up with one idea that sparked a response from M and then it was refined.  And so he is "inventing" a 'concentration helmet', otherwise known as a baseball cap with cardboard blinders and earbuds to plug in your MP3 with some soothing music.

A's school work will be mostly wrapping up next week as they really don't seem to do much the final week of school.  M, on the other hand, will be getting ready for finals.  And he really does need to start studying for finals this year as some of his finals weren't the best before Christmas.  



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