Monday, May 18, 2009

Mid-May Cold Snap

It seems like we get one of these oddball cold snaps every year in May, just like we generally get the few days of unseasonably hot weather in April.  This often (though not this year) leads to using the AC in April, but not in May.  I know that some of that is that the April heat catches me by surprise and I open up the windows and then leave them open too long.  By May, it seems more normal to be getting hot and I remember to close up the windows mid-morning to keep in the cool air from the night.

Meanwhile, though, I had to close up the windows last night as there was a brisk breeze and it got into the 40's overnight!  It was downright chilly this morning as I headed out grocery shopping.  It warmed up some as the day went on, but I'm not sure it ever broke 70.  We went strawberry picking this afternoon anyway.  It was rather nice for a change to not be sweating out there in the strawberry fields - but perhaps today wasn't the best day for picking.  It took us a good while to pick our buckets full.  Between the fact that I'm sure they had many pickers over the weekend and the cold weather that means the berries weren't ripening very fast, it seems that the ripe berries were very spread out.  But we persevered and had strawberry shortcake for dessert tonight as a reward.  Yummy.

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