Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Time to choose classes again

Yep, its time for A to choose his enrichment classes for next fall again.  Next year they are changing to only have 2 classes instead of 3.  I understand that they will get more in depth this way, but I still think its a shame that they get to explore fewer areas.  Anyway... his top choices follow and we won't know which ones he's gotten until after school starts in August.

It's Your Move: Learn to play chess

Networking: How do computer networks work?  Find out how computers all over the world stay connected and how they interface.

Build It/Design it: The students will discover structure, architecture and design around us plus use logic, math reasoning and problem solving skills to design a floor plan for a family using a budget.

Anatomy of Laughter: Learn about different types of humor from splapstick to satire to parody.  Watch, listen, and read great comedy from The Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy, Shel Silverstein, Weird Al, The Simpsons, and others.

Make Your Million: Learn about the history of the stock market and how our economy today is affected by it.  Discover how stocks, bonds, and mutual funds work.  You will also have a chance to put on your investment gloves on the stock market to change $100,000 into a million!

Aeronautics 101: Learn all about flight from the wings of birds to the Space Shuttle and everything in between? A culminating project will be building and launching a rocket.

Lights, camera, Action: This class is for all of those Hollywood types that want to be the next "It" girl or boy.  Learn how to write, edit, direct, produce, and star in your own plays and movies.

Hunger 101: Become aware of hunger - its causes and consequences.  this course will conclude with a service project, which the students will plan and accomplish.



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