Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Swim Meets of 2009

We've had 2 swim meets now, both while M has been away at camp, but A has swum. Currently he is choosing to swim freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. A and I have been working on his dive, but it is quite different to dive off blocks as opposed to off the side of the pool. Here he is getting ready to dive. Unfortunately, as you can see, the other boys are already mid-way through their dive while A is still on the block.

Here from another angle you can see how A is entering the water (not hands and head first!). If you look closely, 2 lanes over to the left, the swimmer there is fully in and underwater.
He has definitely made some progress, though, and we will keep working on the dive. I know he can do it!

A backstroke photo:
Head is back well, hands look good - its just that pesky knee that wants to be involved somehow.
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