Thursday, June 04, 2009

Getting Ready for Camp

Every year M has had Scout camp the 2nd week school is out, but somehow it has crept up on me more this year than before.  I just realized yesterday that I should check and see if he has everything he needs.  I had him try on some shorts in his drawer - and yep, most of them were too small!  Of course, I think I bought most of those shorts 2 years ago (and some of them were sizes 10 and 12, while he's currently mostly wearing 16s).  So today it was off to Target.  I don't know why he is so unwilling to try on clothes at the store, but at least with shorts I only have to worry about waist size and not length also.  He tried on one pair today (fits fine) and will try on the other tomorrow.  I offered to get more pairs, but he said 2 more is enough.  Not a shopper, obviously!  He already had 2 pair, plus a pair of zip-off pants - so now he has 5 pairs of shorts - plenty if he can manage to wear them more than once and/or make sure they make it into the hamper once dirty!  Plus, during swim team season, he often lives in his swim suit.

Last year at Scout camp it seems that M did live in his swim suit.  We've been told that won't happen this year as theoretically they aren't allowed to wear swim suits to the dining hall, but we'll see...  I guess I'd better check M's laundry situation and start hunting up all the other stuff he needs - non aerosol bug spray and sun screen especially - and have M clean out his Camelbak.

Oh, and also important - I need to plan lots of yummy, not-liked-by-M foods to eat next week!



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