Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Defrosting the freezer

Note to self:  do not think that just because it is only supposed to get to 85 (and only late in the afternoon) that it would be a good day to defrost the freezer.  It's NOT!  It was incredibly humid today.  I was really hot and sweaty feeling, even with my hands in the freezer this morning.  That 75-79 degrees felt like over 90.  And it was a bear to try to dry off the freezer - it kept condensing from the air.

But, now it is all nice and frost-free again.  And, even better, I don't have items dive bombing me when I try to put something else in there.  I had to throw out a single serve Indian dinner that evidently escaped the freezer 2 days ago and had sat on the floor for at least 36 hours.

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