Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Side benefits of cooler weather

Yes, we're still having unseasonably cool weather - NOT that I'm complaining.  Nosiree, not complaining here.  I'm enjoying it.  No AC again for a few days now and M keeps trying to steal my slippers.  He's grown out of his and his feet are now as big as mine - and soon to be bigger I'm sure.

The slippers and cats sitting in laps and such are expected benefits of the cool weather.  The unexpected was making granola tonight.  When I can open the windows by 8 pm, I don't mind running the oven for 45 minutes.  So we have fresh homemade granola with our sun-dried blueberries in it.  They are mostly blueberries we U-picked, not our own, but they are still home dried.  I can't wait to have some for breakfast tomorrow morning!  Probably with fresh blueberries on top too, just to be decadent.

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