Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Procrastination and morning people don't mix well.

Not me.  No, no, no - I am definitely NOT a morning person.  However, the rest of my family is.  And it is causing M some problems recently.  You see, he likes to procrastinate - play on the computer after school and wait until later to do his homework.  Only, when his homework requires him to actually think (like math is now) and it is getting late, say after 8 pm, he doesn't think so clearly.  He did the first part of his math just fine, then he started getting fuzzy.

Finally I told him to go take his shower and go to bed.  He'll get up early tomorrow and do the math - and I'm sure have much less trouble with it then.  We discussed how he really needs to do his math earlier, even if he waits on the rest of the homework.  M agrees in theory - we'll see how well that holds up in practice.

We saw this same issue over the summer with his online Java class.  Only it was worse then, because the assignments were due at midnight, so he couldn't go to bed and finish up in the morning when he was thinking more clearly.

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