Saturday, March 04, 2006

New helmet

After our hike today, we headed off to Target to pick out a new bike helmet for A. He chose one that looks like a bee.

Then this afternoon, we headed over to a friends house with his bike. Either A's bike is too short or I'm too tall to walk his bike comfortably - next time I'm taking it in the car or he's riding it! My back feels a bit hunched over and its only about 1/4 mile to their house. The point was, A and his friend are both trying to learn to ride without training wheels and we thought a shared experience might be helpful. Well, something was helpful for A, as he finally seemed to 'get' balance. I was able to let go of my death grip on his shirt collar and he stayed up! for 15-20 feet. Yeah A, way to go! He still needs practice starting out and turning and such, but he's on his way to 2 wheeled freedom.


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