Saturday, March 25, 2006

a new chef?

M: what's for dinner?
me: chicken
M: not again! How come we have to have it 2 nights in a row?
me: well, you don't want it tomorrow on your birthday
M: why can't we have something else?
me: well, do you want to cook?
M: can I make macaroni?

end result:

M cooked mac & cheese, with very little assistance - mostly me taking the hot pot and pouring it into the colander - it was hot and rather heavy. M also fixed peas. We learned that mac&cheese and peas isn't enough for everyone. Next time, M will need to fix something else to go with dinner. Yes, we've decided that M needs to start fixing dinner sometimes. We haven't quite decided how often, but at least once a month, probably more like every 2 weeks to start. No fixing the same thing everytime though.
As you can tell, we still haven't gotten the tile backsplash. We really need to go out hunting again, but it just hasn't happened yet....


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