Saturday, March 25, 2006

Shaggy heads

A has been complaining that his hair is getting in his eyes recently. He decided that he wanted a haircut in Spring. Well, we didn't get around to it earlier in the week - weather was yucky or he was playing. But today is nice so its haircut day. Here he is pre-haircut:

And then afterwards, he looks like this:

I know my mom will probably think this is too short, but its how A wants it. I asked him how short to make the bangs - he put his hand all the way up to the top of his forehead. I didn't cut them quite that short, but we took off a good bit of hair today. He says it feels better not to have hair in his eyes or getting caught in things.
Meanwhile, M needs a haircut - I tell him he looks like a shaggy dog. He doesn't like the idea of a haircut or of his photo being taken.
I told him he must have a haircut before Easter. He wants to keep it long. I'd rather have it short, but will compromise on longer if it looks less shaggy. We may have to go to the barber to get some sort of trim and neatening up, but keeping some length. It's hard for me to leave some length, as M doesn't like it when I use scissors - its hard not to go too short with clippers.


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