Saturday, August 05, 2006

On growing up

Both sleepovers were evidently successful last night. Report from A's friend's mom that they were both asleep by 11 and had a good time. M's friend fell asleep during their movie and M fell asleep shortly after - sometime between 11:30 - 11:45. Much better than when M was at this same friend's house and did not sleep AT ALL. They were up by 7 this morning, so I made sure the kids were in bed on time tonight.

On growing up:
Yesterday I stopped in at Goodwill looking for shorts for M (nothing at Target or Kohl's appealed to me). I didn't find any shorts, but I found a pair of size 12 jeans. When I went to buy them the cashier asked if they were kids or adult size. Still kids size, but it won't be that much longer. Sigh. Then today I took the kids to Target. I had M try on a pair of jeans there (am saving the receipt as I'm not sure about them, but they are on sale and tax-free currently. He may still need slims but Target only carries slim in sizes 8 and 10, not 12). M holds up the jeans and wants to know if they would be long enough for me. We check and decide definitely not - they would be more like capris on me, but its getting closer all the time.

Got A some new tennis shoes, size 13.5. We checked his foot on their little mat and A thought it looked like he should wear a 13, I thought a 1. He tried on the 13.5 and was happy with them. I checked and the fit seemed good. Done - in less than 5 minutes. So nice for it to be so easy. I tried on tennis shoes yesteday, but never found anything I liked that also fit. So now I will have to try again somewhere else. I HATE buying shoes. I'm hard to fit, having narrowish feet (though better now than before being pregnant).


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