Monday, August 28, 2006

Scouts start up again

Cub Scouts have started back up again for the year. I'm the Wolf den leader this year (A is a Wolf) and D is the Webelos II den leader (with M being a Webelos II). So, we're all busy scouting.

All 6 of my Scouts from last year have said that they are coming back again this year - though one is playing football a lot on Scout nights, so he'll be MIA for a couple of months. I guess I understand missing Scouts if you are having a game, but I find it frustrating when parents seem to always pick sports over Scouts if there is a conflict. One kid last year had baseball practice 3 nights a week, but seemingly couldn't miss one even every other week to come to Scouts. Then the parents wonder why their kid isn't getting as many awards as the other kids - umm, you have to BE there to do the stuff - or you need to get in touch with me so you can find out what you're missing.

So, anyway, I should have the 6 boys from last year, plus I had 7 new boys show up. Good crowd. It will be interesting to see how many of the new kids stick it out. From previous experience it seems that about half the kids who sign up end up dropping out within the first month or two. If half the new ones stick, though, I will end up with about 10 kids - a good number.

One kid I'm worried about:

the one on the far left - he kept putting his head down and drifting off. I'm hoping its a one time thing and not going to be a habit. He does already have a uniform - that's a positive. Our next meeting will be a bit more physical. I'm hoping it doesn't rain so we can go outside and do some crab walks and somersaults and such.


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