Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thoughts while walking

I've been walking almost every weekday since school started 7 weeks ago. I ran into some friends walking that first day and walked with them for a few weeks until one went back to school and the other started driving her son to school at least part time. We had some interesting discussions and I've been people watching since then.

The middle school students at the bus stops are most interesting (esp since M will be in middle school next year). They seem to be a very social bunch. I saw 2 girls walk past their regular bus stop (and maybe past another) to get to one with their friends - they all were hanging out talking for at least 20 minutes before the bus came. I also noticed that none of them, not those 8 at that bus stop or the dozen or so other middle schoolers I saw, used a rolling back pack. I guess maybe they aren't "cool" for that age group. They are the big thing for elementary, though. Most of the 3rd - 5th graders have them (younger kids aren't supposed to).

The high school students seem to be more loners. Maybe its that their bus comes earlier and they don't want to waste any sleep time hanging out at the bus stop. Or maybe more of them are cajoling a parent for a ride because evidently the bus isn't "cool" in high school. The few HS kids I've seen out are usually on their cell phone - I suppose talking to a friend waiting at a different bus stop?

My kids think the bus is very cool at the moment. I'm SO glad. I don't want to hassle with the carpool line. I don't know what time it starts forming now, but Iast year I saw several cars in line at least 30 minutes before school got out - idling their car with $3.00/gal gas. Amazing. I saw in the paper recently where they interviewed some woman who said she got in the carpool line at 2pm to be the first one in line - and the kids got out at 3 something. Ridiculous. I've got better things to do with my time.


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