Monday, September 25, 2006


We all went camping with the Cub Scout pack at our district Webelos-ree this weekend. The weather had looked very iffy, but we got really lucky. We got a few sprinkles Friday night, but if you stood close to the fire, the water mostly evaporated before it hit you.

The whole event got moved to a the Boy Scout rather than the Cub Scout side of the Scout camp at the last moment, so it was much more spread out than in previous years. But that also meant that they could offer BB shooting and archery. The boys all loved that. Here's A at the rifle range checking to see if he is right or left-eyed. He's a righty in everything.

We tried "skiing" on wooden skis - its a team building exercise.

We didn't do very well as a team, at least not with 8 kids. They did much better when we split them into groups of 4, but it still took FOREVER. We should have cut and run after 10 mintues or so, but the Boy Scouts were determined that we finish their course. We did leave after the first group finished.

After lunch we did some other activities:
Monkey bridge - a 3 rope bridge. The kids all loved this.

A is actually walking on a single rope.

Hang time. A is hanging from a suspended ladder. He made it 40 some seconds. There was one kid in another pack who held on for 4 minutes. Wow.

We also did some memory games and a maze - I got blindfolded and the kids had to lead me through the maze. We actually won a ribbon at this one. They also won at the Spies memory game where they had to observe a mock campsite and then answer questions about it.

My co-leader and the brother of one of my Scouts won at archery and one of my Scouts won at BB, so we have some people with good aim. Not so for our family. A managed to hit the target next to his more often than his own at archery. I tried archery and only managed to hit the target once - the rest of my arrows all went OVER the target.

The end of the afternoon's activities was the chariot races. Each group was supposed to build/bring a 2 wheeled chariot to race. It was very interesting to see all the various different chariots. My co-leader fashioned our chariot out of an old wheelchair.

Here the kids are getting ready to pull me (I'm on my knees).

M's group used a 2-wheeled garden cart.

We saw a kids bike trailer (like you tow little kids behind your bike), a plastic 55 gallon on wheels, various built from scratch chariots, and a cardboard box with painted wheels. No 2 chariots alike. M's group actually won the race with the cardboard box team coming in second. Here are M and the other Webelos crossing the finish line:

A didn't want me taking his picture, so he was being silly, but I took pictures all the same.

I can't resist this shot of A in the tree. He looks so content.

This was Sunday morning after A and I had finished packing up the site and were waiting for M and D to come back from their Webelos breakfast.

We made it home about 10:15 and got the car unloaded and everyone into the shower. I'm still working on the laundry though. It's amazing how much laundry we can generate in less than 48 hours!


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