Saturday, October 07, 2006

We're back... and frustrations

We're home from Disney. We had a great time. We're also rather tired.

Right now I'm very frustrated because I went to download my pictures and a bunch of them seem to be corrupted. In some cases the thumbnail picture looks fine, but when I look at it full screen, half the picture is black.

The kids got to see some various characters. They liked seeing the characters, but weren't willing to stand in much of a line to do so. Here's A with Rafiki.

and M with Jiminy Cricket.

M even got a few autographs, though he didn't have any sort of autograph book.

We got to see lots of animals, mostly at Animal Kingdom - this bird was lovely and very calm - stood about a foot off the path and let us take several photos.

I even got picked to be in a street theatre show - Romeo and Edna. Here I am being Edna (aka Juliet).

I'll have to download pictures from my mom's camera and M's camera tomorrow. I'm sure I will have many more pictures and details to follow...


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