Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Barbershop is Open

It's that time again - time for a trim. Since we're heading off to Disney this weekend, for a week, there won't be time for a bit for trims. I didn't want to get into the situation we had on our trip this summer. I ended up giving M an impromptu bang trim in a parking garage with regular scissors. It definitely wasn't the best place or lighting or equipment, but his bangs were in his eyes and bothering him. So, today we preempted that.

First up, though was A. Before, he looked like this:

And then after, like this:

He chose to have his bangs this short. I think I may have gotten the top a bit too short, though - it looks like his cowlick is trying to asset itself.

Then, shortly after I finished with A, D came home, so I trimmed him up. Unfortunately I didn't get photos of him.

Then I tried for a trifecta, and I got it! M agreed to let me do a bit of a trim. I forgot to get a before photo, but here is one from last weekend:

M doesn't like hair in his eyes or ears, so I trimmed up those. He actaully wanted his hair shorter on the forehead and over the ears, but I thought that this would do fine. Then, amazingly enough, he let me trim the back. I was working with the scissors since the clippers would take off to much. M asked if I could use the clippers, though, and I thought - well, why not use them as a blunt cut, like when trimming sideburns. It works. I took a good inch off the back.

So, the results are:

Next haircut will probably be too cold for the shirtless look. It makes cleanup easier, though. After the haircut they like to go use the blowdryer to blow off any reminaing hairs.


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