Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Scout meeting tonight

I forgot my camera, so you'll just have to imagine 10 7 year old boys trying to help paint a chariot. My co-leader had helpfully outlined the areas he wanted them to paint. But....7 year olds are not so good about staying in the lines. They are all about slapping paint on something. We wiped up/out the worst of the painting mishaps and chalked the rest up to - its obvious that the boys did this, not the adults.

Then I got them to practice the Cub Scout Promise. 8 of them have it down cold and the other 2 are really close. Honestly, they are close enough already, but I will ask them to do it again next week, just to make sure they really have it. 5 of the 10 had the Law of the Pack memorized. Again, we'll work on it next week. They all have to have both memorized by the end of October, so we have some time.

Then I let them run around and play on the playground for a bit while the parents discussed the upcoming campout this weekend. One mom said they were predicting rain. Not good. I just checked, though, and weather.com says it might rain Sat, but shouldn't on Friday night. I'm hoping that the rain will hold off until Sunday. More than once it has started raining just as we finish packing up camp on a Sunday morning.

Last up was practicing our skit. It is still very rough. We will definitely need to practice again this weekend. They will be doing it Sat night in front of the whole camp.


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