Sunday, October 29, 2006

Daylight Savings

I remembered to set my bedside clock ahead last night, and was looking forward to an extra hours sleep today. Surprisingly, M actually slept in also. Pounce, however, did not. At 7am (the old 8am (when we normally get up on a weekend)), she jumped on the bed and proceeded to walk right over my bladder - several times, as she wandered back and forth over me. What a way to wake up!

Finally I got A to go put more food in her dish, but I couldn't manage to go back to sleep.

M thinks that the switch to daylight savings should take place on a school night, so he will get more sleep when he needs it. So, we left the clocks unchanged in most of the house today and had kids in bed by 8pm (clocks still said 9).

I still have the oddball clocks to change - the one over the mantel, any clock that may be in the basement - and the car clock.


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