Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween stories

A was supposed to write sentences or a story with the following words for homework tonight:


His story.

The first thing for a costume is a mask, to have a spider costume you might want a fake web. To make a jack-o-lantern you need to carve a pumpkin.

We then had a discussion about how that really wasn't a story because they didn't go together. But they are very nice sentences - super sentences even. M said he could do better, so he sat down to write a story. Here is M's story:

50 years in the future
It’s almost time for Halloween. We watched something called a video about how our ancestors got ready. First, they bought a costume. Sometimes they even had a mask with it, but that was rare back then. Now, we can use PHD, or personal hologram devises to get a costume and mask! Next they set up fake spider webs all over, even though they claimed to hate them. Finally, they carved pumpkins to put out. Again, we can use PHD. Then it was time to go trick or treating! They walked though, instead of using hoverboards like we do now. They did things differently, but the idea was the same.

(italics are M's)

M was quite pleased with the story (and so was I). He asked me to email it to his teacher, so we did.


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