Wednesday, November 15, 2006


M is taking "It's Greek to Me", a class about the Greek gods, as one of his Challenge classes. He has been learning about the various Greek gods and how they correlate to the Roman gods. They were each given one god (or goddess for the girls) to learn about and portray. M got Hephaestus (better known to me as the Roman god, Vulcan).

So, I had to make a costume - some sort of toga. Only they don't call it a toga, its a chiton. And I can't just loop a bedsheet around M, I had to cut and sew. The directions were poor, and what I could tell of them looked like the chiton would be huge, so I modified it to the width of a single bed sheet. Obviously I had to cut off a bunch of it too. I didn't realize, though, that the sheet was sewn so far off the grain. I ripped it part-way to get a new edge and after I had finished hemming and putting on a border, then I discovered that I was off by about 3 inches at the top. Oh, well - I just turned it over and sewed it down. No one will know from a distance. The border looks good, though. M is very pleased with it.

Here's M modeling his chiton:

His play will be next month. He likes the costume, but is not so sure about being in a play.


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