Tuesday, December 12, 2006

House decorations

The mantel is actually more decorated than usual and this is the first time we've gotten the stockings up before...oh, say Christmas Eve perhaps. But theyr're going to have to come down next week so we can take them with us when we go to Aunt K's.

A does have a stocking that matches the rest of ours, but he decided he wanted the knitted/crocheted Santa one this year. It's fine by me. We only have about a dozen extra stockings around the house - extras that the kids got given in preschool, old stockings, etc.

Things are getting rather crazy around here, what with all the Christmas preparations. It doesn't help that I spent 4 hours at the school this morning (rather than the usual 2). That shot the idea of trying to get a little shopping done... Postings may be rather sparse for a bit.


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