Thursday, December 07, 2006


It was past time to bring out the nativity set (in previous years I have had to insist on waiting til after Thanksgiving to bring it out), so last night we cleared the end of the buffet and went down to bring up the nativity set. Well, while I was gathering the set, Shadow decided that he liked the spot and settled down for a nap! So, we decided we could wait while the kids showered/bathed. By then, Shadow had moved on to another spot.

First comes the towel - properly sand colored. Then the stable. Then its time to start unwrapping the figures.

Here M has almost finished unwrapping all the people and animals.

M and A arrange the figures, to their satisfaction.

They have some interesting ideas, as you can see. (Click on the photo for a larger image.) They have someone (the innkeeper?) standing on the roof of the stable and a scroll balanced on a wise man's head.

Today the innkeeper moved to hanging out the window at the back of the stable and all the wise men are balancing scrolls. Who knows what tomorrow will bring! It's never dull around our stable...


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