Monday, November 27, 2006


M decided he wanted to play some basketball, so we went out to try.

First, though, we had to find the pump and the needle to reinflate the basketball. Next I had to slice the net - it seems to have shrunk over the years and now holds onto the ball. After those, we were ready to play.

M and I played HORSE - under the rules I vaguely remembered. Each time you miss a shot, you get a letter. Well, I beat him the first game, so he said "best 2 out of 3". Well, after 3, I was still winning, so it was "best 3 out of 5". He beat me there.

Then it was D's turn to play. D's HORSE rules involved: players took turns trying to make a basket. When you made one, the other person had to duplicate it or get a letter. D says that the only way he could beat his dad was by making left-handed shots. And M turned that around and beat D by making right-handed shots.

Here's M ready to shoot:

And the shot goes off, right-handed to try to foil D

D ready to make a shot

We played both Saturday and Sunday. All weekend was beautiful and perfect for spending some time outside.


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