Saturday, December 09, 2006

A night in Olde Town

I saw in the paper that Olde Town was having some sort of event (to promote shopping I think) last night, so we arranged that the kids and I would pick up D after work and head over. Well, when we got over there just before six, the streets looked fairly deserted. But then we saw the horse and carriage go by. We backtracked their path to find the start of the carriage rides. Luckily there was no line. Especially nice since it was quite COLD last night - probably around freezing then, below 20 overnight. And there was a blanket in the carriage.

Even better, there were 2 blankets. A and I are sharing a blanket here while M and D share the other.

A wanted to pet the horse and say hi after our ride.

After the ride we looked in one shop, then decided to warm up with dinner at the Celtic Tavern. M wanted a cheeseburger but there wasn't one on the kids menu, so he got the full adult burger. He managed to eat the whole large burger. I was disappointed that they didn't have the Brunswick stew we'd had there before, but their vegetable beef soup was also very tasty and just what I wanted on a cold night. A enjoyed popcorn shrimp and D had fish and chips. All quite tasty and warming. Which was good, because then we went back outside and went for a (trackless) train ride, around the same loop the carriage took. Unfortunately no blankets on the train. When we got to the starting point for the train ride, there was a line, but then the train came and only a few people got on and the train started to pull away half-full. WAIT! We got the train to stop and we got on. It seems that the train and carriage ride lines had merged - everyone else was in line for the carriage ride.

We looked in one more shop, then headed over to the Arts Council for a play. The play was being put on by a group of late elementary to middle school age kids. We knew two of the kids in the play, a girl from M's class and the daughter of one of M's former teachers. It was really cute - an adaptation of A Christmas Carol. My favorite part was when Marley's ghost came out - with dreadlocks, dressed as Bob Marley. The kids didn't get it, but clearly the adults in the audience did. There were several other twists and a few comments for locals. It was nice and not too long. The kids weren't sure they would like it, but we all enjoyed it.

The best part was that all of it (well, except our dinner) was free. The carriage ride, the train ride and the play - all FREE. Supposedly Santa was there somewhere for pictures too, but we didn't see him. But it was a nice festive event.


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