Saturday, January 27, 2007

A's Sleepover Party

A decided, last year, that he wanted a sleepover for his birthday this year. OK, fine. So a few weeks ago we started discussing his party. Well, he thought about it, maybe or maybe not, but in the end, yes, a sleepover was what he wanted.

Our rule-of-thumb is that you can invite as many kids as you are old to a regular party and half as many to a sleepover. So, A got to invite 4 friends. All 4 said yes, but then Friday night one called 15 minutes before the party to say he wouldn't be able to come. I don't know why, but I'm guessing he didn't want to spend the night. His mom warned me he probably wouldn't and we had arranged that I would call after the movie was done (10ish) and she would pick him up then - but it didn't happen.

Another friend, B, also didn't want to spend the night - though he kept telling us that his dad wanted him home. At one point he said he had to be home at 8:30, but I told him that we might not be done with cake by then and his dad said he could stay for cake and for the movie. B ended up going home at 10:30. We were surprised he didn't want to spend the night as he has had a sleepover here with A before.

So we ended up with only 2 friends spending the night. The 2 on 1 issue never happened, luckily enough - perhaps because they were all in their sleeping bags and getting drowsy by the time B went home and there were only 3 of them.

M had planned to spend the night with my mom after the cake, but then he decided that he did want to see the video after all. It was fine with A, so M watched the first video with them and then I sent M to his bed and tucked the younger guys into sleeping bags, turned on the 2nd video and turned off the lights. One boy was asleep before the end of the 2nd video and the other fell asleep right after. So, when I checked at 11:30 only A was still awake.

Luckily for me D had gone to bed earlier so he was more rested and could get up with the kids this morning. They were up by 6:30. I, however, slept til 8. I'm not sure why I'm quite so tired, but I'm fading fast now and its only quarter til 10.

I have some photos from the party, but I don't know if there are any that are particularly good. I'll try to look tomorrow and perhaps post photos.



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