Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Winter's finally here - photos added

We're finally getting some wintery weather here. It got cold at the beginning of the week and I thought about having a fire, but it didn't work out until today.

Monday was A's birthday and we went out to eat, then came home and opened presents and had cake.

Tuesday we had a pack meeting at Scouts, so we were out.

Today, Wednesday, its still cold so we had our fire.

M decided he wanted to warm a foot by the fire.

They are predicting possible winter mix tonight. The kids would like snow, but it's not looking likely. We may get some sleet/freezing rain/ice. Yuck. I guess we'll see tomorrow...

(Edited: Nope, no freezing stuff - just rain, rain and more rain - and 33 degrees. Defintitely yuck!)


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