Sunday, February 04, 2007

Finally started my Challenge Quilt

The Challenge this year is to make a quilt with "lots of dots" - as in using 15 different fabrics with dots or circles. We had a fabric exchange back in the fall, where you brought in 20 8" x 8" squares of your fabric and went home with 20 different squares of dotty fabric.

I have been thinking and doodling, but hadn't come up with anything. Until Friday when I was sorting fabric for an auction sale at our quilting meeting. I was at a friend's house, sorting and it came to me - cats. I could do a collage of cats.

First I thought of doing a bunch of different designs, but I decided that simplicity was probably best here. Different fabrics would be enough.

So, here's my first few...

They won't all be with a black fabric for the cat, but I did seem to have several blacks.



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