Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mom 1: Lice 1

Well, we fought the lice all day yesterday and seemingly we tied. M is back at school today, but A is not. M got checked and passed - went back to class, missing only part of the morning news show. With A, though, we kept finding nits. A's hair is finer than M's and the nit comb doesn't do much on it. We spent over an hour in the nurse's office at school removing nits and then the nurse found a live louse. That was the kiss of death.

So, now I'm waiting for a nurse to call me back to find out what more to do. It may be that A is resistant to the medication we used (or that "his" lice are).



The nurse says to do the mayo treatment - so we've been to the store to get full-fat mayo and A is now covered in mayo (and a showercap) for the next 8 hours. Washing all that mayo out is going to be so much fun....

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