Friday, April 27, 2007

School Carnival

School carnival was tonight. This was MUCH anticipated by both kids, as in, "can't it be Friday already" and then this morning, "why can't it be this afternoon already?" We finally made it to carnival time and we were off!

I volunteered to man (woman?) one of the events for an hour this year. Often I have signed up with both kids classes, but that is really hectic, trying to do 2 different events for an hour each. This year they weren't doing it by class, so I could just sign up once - and they had enough parent volunteers. Yay!

I also offered to take pictures of 5th graders for the photo CD they are putting together. I only got about 20 tonight, between manning the obstacle course and trying to find 5th graders in groups (they would prefer no single shots of kids), and not having them hide from me. I'll probably take my camera when I go to school next week too. And maybe hit them on the playground at recess one day.

Anyway, I got one good one of M and a friend:

Because I was concentrating on 5th grade I didn't take any of A this year. Oh well, I never seem to get any good action shots at the carnival anyway.


Blogger Carol P. said...

I fight a one-woman battle for gender neutral terms. My group measures things in person-days, not man-days, for example. So you didn't man the booth, you ran the booth or staffed the booth or whatever.

Looks like the carnival was fun! What are they going to do with the pictures?

J's teacher has asked for her K picture and a 5th grade picture for part of their sendoff. J's K school picture was taken a week after M chopped J's hair so much that only a pixie haircut could fix it. J's friend thought she'd turned into a boy because her hair was so short (in K, some of the kids are still kind of confused about that...). I'm hoping to dig up some other picture from J in kindergarten because J really hates her K picture (it is truly awfully hilarious!). That was before I was doing mostly digital photos though, so I'm not sure what pictures I have...

1:25 PM  
Blogger Katherine said...

Yes, I ran the ticketing for the obstacle course.

They/we are putting together a photo CD of the 5th graders. However many photos will fit on a CD, to be copied and given to each 5th grader.

Yes, definitely look for a better K picture of J. Tell the truth, I haven't bought hardly any school pictures of the kids because they are usually awful. At least the ones in the fall for the yearbook. I've bought a few of the spring photos - those they send home for preview before buying (and thus, I believe, they spend more time getting a good picture).

8:55 PM  
Blogger scribbit said...

Yup, looks like a good time was had by all--

5:21 PM  

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