Friday, April 20, 2007

M's off camping

We dropped M off to go on his first camping trip with the Boy Scouts. He joined the Boy Scout troop 3 weeks ago. Each patrol will be cooking their own meals. His patrol is 6 5th graders. I hope they have one of the older Scouts supervising....

The menu they planned sounds good, though perhaps a bit unrealistic. They are having pancakes for breakfast tomorrow - I know how long it takes to make pancakes for 4 - pancakes for 6, on probably a smaller griddle sounds painfully long. But, hey, I'm not there, so it won't bother me!

For lunch all the new Scouts are cooking together - D thinks he heard it will include biscuits and grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches. Sounds good to me, though M says he doesn't want bacon in his sandwich. Maybe he can eat it on the side, maybe he will have to suffer through the combo.

Dinner we heard was some combo of pizza, quesadillas (M likes both of those) and 2 other things that he didn't like so much - maybe burritos and tacos?

M did comment that he wished there was some fruit. I hadn't thought about it, but he's right - there's no fruit on the menu and not much veggies. Maybe he'll speak up and suggest some fruit for their next campout. Since each patrol plans their own menu, he can certainly suggest/request fruit.

Meanwhile, we had scalloped potato and ham casserole for dinner. A said "yummy". M hates it. He had one tiny bite when I made it on Wed. I made sure we would enjoy food that M doesn't while he's not here. It's a win-win situation. He doesn't have to eat it and I don't have to listen to the complaining.

I don't know what else M will be doing on this camping trip, but it should be fun. They've got beautiful weather for it too.

It's odd for me, knowing so little of what they will be doing. D has been going to the meetings with M, so I don't even have that first-hand info. Going up to Boy Scouts is a lot different than in Cub Scouts. They really do seem to be letting the boys plan and lead things as much as possible. The parents are mostly background.

I guess some of this is early training for the changes next year in middle school too...

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