Sunday, April 22, 2007

M's campout

We picked M up from his Scout campout right after church. He was, well, a bit dirty. Actually parts of him and his clothing were more than a bit dirty - they were filthy. M and I had packed his bag Friday afternoon, but evidently the only thing he used from the bag was clean socks! He came home in the same clothes he was wearing Friday afternoon - including the class A uniform shirt that he was protesting wearing on Friday.

D says not to worry, this is fairly normal boy behavior. In some senses, I'm sure he right, but I still wish he would at least change the underwear. What I have learned from this, though, is to make sure he heads off on a camping trip in old or dark colored clothes. I soaked and pre-treated the long sleeve shirt he was wearing, but it still looks dirty from the elbows down.

M seems to have had a fairly good time. He cooked quesadillas for his patrol for dinner and was a bit miffed that he was elbowed out of the way of cooking pancakes for breakfast. He got to work with a hatchet (and managed to only nick himself a tiny bit). I'm not sure what else he did, but he came back whole (and received his new troop numbers, neckerchief, and epaulets for his uniform).

As soon as he came home, he was dispacted to the shower!



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