Saturday, April 21, 2007

Scouting around the World

A and I got ourselves out early today to go to a Cub Day event. It turned out to be "Scouting around the World". They had a whole bunch of different stations set up representing different countries, each with a little info about Scouting in that country and an activity. We played Parcheesi in India, Yut in Korea, Mancala somewhere in Africa, dominoes in France (maybe?). They also rolled hula hoops in Dominican Republic, made God's eyes and kazoos (don't remember where either of those were) - and various other activities. We probably only visited about half the sites.

While visiting the various countries, we were also supposed to be filling out a scavenger hunto of info on Scouting around the world. Well, the adults were looking for info and filling out the sheets, but I'm not sure the kids learned much about world Scouting.

We finished up the day with archery. A has gotten much better - he is pulling the bow more strongly. The first arrows didn't go far enough or hard enough to stick into the target, but some later ones did (and he sent one arrow off behind their tarp backdrop).

Then tonight to go with our international Scouting, we had Indian food for dinner. I showed A the samosas package and he said "yummy".

We all thought it was all quite tasty, though the lemon rice was much spicier than we had imagined - A ate a lot of naan and drank a lot of milk with his rice, but said it was good. It's a pleasure to have an appreciative audience to cook for (even when I'm just heating up packaged food). I'll be sure to tell M when he comes home tomorrow about all the yummy (he disagrees on this point) food he missed.

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