Wednesday, May 02, 2007

5th grade recorder concert

Last night was the annual 5th grade recorder concert**. The kids have been learning the recorder all year this year and tonight was their only performance. M and a friend are warming up:

I tried to get a photo of M during the concert, but
a) I was too far away
b) there was a taller girl in between M and me.

After the concert, they had a reception outside (cookies and drinks). The kids all ran around goofing off. I took a bunch (maybe 20) more pictures for the photo CD project. There were a couple with M that I thought interesting.

M goofing off with a friend:

M with his friend J. I was amazed when I looked at this picture this morning, at how much taller M is than J. I would swear that they were the same height at Christmas! I checked in some other photos, and no its not a trick of perspective. M really is that much taller!

I guess I need to measure M again...

**They have been doing recorder concerts for a few years now, ever since they stopped the band program in the elementary school. I'm really sorry they stopped it. They said they needed to spend more time working on the basics with the kids. But studies show that music helps math skills. And besides, even if they did need to spend more time on basics with some kids, why not let those who are doing well, do something with band? As it is now, they have to decide on band without really knowing much about it. And if they choose band for middle school, it takes away 4 9-week electives. Since they have to take PE and health, that would leave them with only 2 elective slots (9 weeks each).

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