Monday, June 25, 2007

M and A go to the Braves game

My mom took the kids with her to see the Braves play tonight. She is braver than I - she had offered to take a friend for each of them. While they might have bothered each other less with a friend around, its not a sure thing. I told her not to even consider trying to keep up with 4 kids. When she delivered the kids back home, she thanked me for talking her out of that idea.

While there, they all got their photo taken (with the obvious hope that we would buy copies of the photo). No thanks, but I'll enjoy looking at it. With them are a friend of my mom's and her granddaughter.

The Braves won tonight, making them all very happy. The kids would have liked to stay for the end of the game to see sparks shoot out of the giant Coke bottle, but then they would have been home VERY late. As it was they left after the 7th inning and didn't get home until about 10:45. And that was without any traffic getting out of the game.

I hope the kids will sleep in a bit tomorrow - it will be another late night as we have a swim meet tomorrow night.



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