Saturday, May 26, 2007

End of the Year Awards for A

Tuesday was the end of the year party and awards ceremony for A's class. It was almost an all day affair. I got there around 9 to help set up. The awards ceremony was from 9:30-10:30. The kids played outside until about 11:30 - bubbles, hula hoops, limbo. Then we served hotdogs, chips, watermelon. And then cake, for one kid's birthday. Then they played some more until finally going in at almost 1pm.

A really raked in the awards. He got 2 for reading programs - Book It , for completing all 6 months and Six Flags Read to Succeed, for reading 6 hours in 6 weeks, of non-homework reading. Many of the kids got one or both of these awards.

The school participates in the AR program, where the kids take a test after reading a book and get points for comprehension. A got 2nd place with 50 (50.7, he reminds me) points. They were expected to get 20 points.

The teacher gave out awards for the boy and girl who had the highest averages in math, spelling and reading. A took top honors in both math and reading! She also gave out awards for the kids who got 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in CCC (a go at your own pace computerized instruction program). A got 1st in math and 2nd in reading.

A's teacher gave each student an individualized award - his was something like "keeps me on my toes". A was always interested in delving deeper into a given topic and would correct the teacher when she would try to simplify things. He would also catch much of the oblique comments and sarcasm that the teacher and assistants would bandy back and forth at times.

My mom and I both got recognized for coming in and helping in the classroom once a week. My mom spent most of her time working one-on-one with one particular student helping him with his reading. Here she is with the teacher and S.

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