Sunday, July 29, 2007

Open House for Back to School

Over the last few days I've been to open house at both kids schools. It's a little odd to go to 2 different open houses now. But that's the way it will be until M is a senior in HS. Oh my!

It's a little nicer not to have to fill out all that paperwork for both kids all at once, but instead I still have to fill it all out and I have to drive 2 different places to do it.

For A, I know the drill - this is the 7th year we've been at that school. I know how things work, I know where to go. I even know A's teacher (she was M's teacher in 3rd grade also).

For M, however, I am a complete newcomer. I don't know anyone there. I don't know my way around. I don't know the drills and procedures they use. And the school is new too (well, this will be its 2nd year), so most people are new to the school. It was obvious that many of us 6th grade parents are much more used to hand-holding from the teachers. We're used to weekly newsletters from the school. And basically one teacher to deal with. Not anymore. M will change classes all day long - and change fellow students too. He's on a team of about 100 kids, so he'll mostly see those same kids in various mixes all day, but they won't move in lock-step throughout the day. M will have to navigate over to the 8th grade hall for his Language Arts class - that's where the gifted Language Arts teacher is. They assured me that someone (the teacher?) will help the kids find their way there and back for the first few days. That's good. I've also heard through the grapevine, though, that the classes are led to and from their "connections" (electives) classes all year long - that seems like overkill!

It's off to school tomorrow. They've picked out outfits (not nearly as big a deal for my boys as it seems to be for some of the girls - or as I remember it being) and we've got backpacks packed. Not the new backpacks, though, they're still on their way from Land's End. I wanted to get backpacks that would last and I've not had much luck with the rolling ones at local stores, so I'd already decided I'd order that one. I was going to pick up a regular backpack for M (no rolling ones allowed, they don't fit in the lockers), but the nice ones were really expensive - Land's End was cheaper! So, LE it is. I hope their bags hold up to their reputation - but if they don't, I'll ship them back.



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